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Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

This tent-only group campground is located on the southern shore of Whiskeytown Lake in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, 14 miles west of Redding, California and three hours north of Sacramento. The cool, clear waters of Whiskeytown Lake provide endless water activities. The picturesque mountain setting and extensive forested backcountry offer ample opportunities for hiking and biking.

There are two spacious tent-only sites available at Dry Creek. Each site contains two large serving tables, numerous picnic tables, small and large charcoal barbecue grills, a cleared fire pit area, bear-proof storage lockers, vault toilets and drinking water.

Need to Know

  • Gate to area is closed and locked. It will need to be opened by the reservation party so pay attention to the combo code sent with this reservation. If you have issues with the gate please call the Whiskyetown Visitor Center at 530-246-1225.

  • Download your proof of payment for your campsite from recreation.gov onto your phone or other device. You must be able to show this to a park ranger if requested.

  • Whiskeytown is a National Park Service site and charges an entrance fee for each vehicle. If you already have a valid Interagency Annual, Senior, Access, Military, or Whiskeytown Annual pass, please display this pass in a hangtag or place it on the dashboard of your vehicle. Annual passes from Crater Lake National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park and Lava Beds National Monument are also valid here at Whiskeytown. Entrance passes can be purchased at the Whiskeytown Visitor Center or online at https://www.recreation.gov/sitepass/74295.

  • Tent camping only. Self-contained units may use nearby Brandy Creek RV campground for an additional fee. Check the park website or stop in at the visitor center for a complete list of all regulations. Vehicles with tents attached such as on rooftop or side for use can only be parked and slept in in the parking lot . . . the vehicle cannot be parked in the campsite area for overnight or camping use but only for loading and unloading.

  • Check-in is 1:00 pm and check-out is 12 pm (noon).
  • Vehicles are prohibited in the tent area except to load or unload equipment.All vehicles must be parked in the gravel parking lot. Sleeping in vehicles is not allowed. Overnight RV camping is not allowed at Dry Creek campground.

  • Black bears frequent the area: All food, beverage containers, toiletries, cooking and eating utensils must be stored inside a bear-proof storage locker or out of sight in your vehicle unless they are in immediate use.

  • Generators are not allowed
  • Portable showers are prohibited. Cold outdoor showers are available at Brandy Creek Beach.

  • Protect our natural resources. Gather only dead and down wood for firewood. Do not put nails in trees or damage or remove vegetation. Campfires must be attended at all times and completely extinguished (using water and dirt) when going to bed or leaving the campsite.

  • Pets must be kept in a crate or on a leash no more than 6 feet in length at all times.Pets may not be left unattended.

  • Warning: Sudden storm activity could lead to the evacuation and closure of the area on short notice in order to protect life and property. Due to the effects of the 2018 Carr Fire, the area may be prone to debris flows, landslides or flooding.

  • Please be advised that because the Carr Fire of 2018 burned extensively through the park, post-fire hazards such as falling trees and branches remain. Stay alert while camping in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.

  • Click here for more information about Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Natural Features

Dry Creek Group Campground affords beautiful lake-side views and a canopy of conifer, oak and maple trees, which offer pleasant shade for campers. Whiskeytown Lake is located where the Klamath Mountains, Cascade and Coast Mountain Ranges, and the Sacramento Valley meet, creating a wide variety of wildlife and landscapes.

Nearby Attractions

Brandy Creek Beach is located one mile from the campground and features sandy beaches and a large swimming area. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, there are showers, a store with food and supplies and rentals of paddleboards and kayaks. The trailhead for Brandy Creek Falls is located four miles away.


During the summer heat, swimming, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding and water skiing are popular on the 3,200 acre lake. Year round, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, gold panning, fishing and picknicking attract visitors. Boats may be launched at nearby Brandy Creek Marina and moored at the campground.

Contact Information


PO Box 188 Whiskeytown CA 96095188

Phone Number

For campground inquiries, please call: 530-242-3412

Rental Options

Learn more about gear rental options for your trip

Driving Directions

From Interstate 5 in Redding, CA, take State Route 299 west and drive approximately 10 miles. Turn left onto Kennedy Memorial Drive at the Whiskeytown visitor center. Continue 5.6 miles on Kennedy Memorial Drive until the road ends at the access to Dry Creek Group Campground.

Available Campsites

  • Site G02, Loop Sites 1-2, Type Group Tent Only Area Nonelectric
  • Site G01, Loop Sites 1-2, Type Group Tent Only Area Nonelectric

Photo Gallery

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  • Dry Creek Group Campground (Whiskeytown Nra), Whiskeytown National Recreation Area - Recreation.gov (3)
  • Dry Creek Group Campground (Whiskeytown Nra), Whiskeytown National Recreation Area - Recreation.gov (4)
  • Dry Creek Group Campground (Whiskeytown Nra), Whiskeytown National Recreation Area - Recreation.gov (5)

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Dry Creek Group Campground (Whiskeytown Nra), Whiskeytown National Recreation Area - Recreation.gov (2024)


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